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On Sunday, March 29th, a busload of Bowen Islanders travelled to Squamish to stand with Skwomesh Action and defend Howe Sound against an LNG proposal. The proposal includes the fracking of the land, the use and abuse of exorbitant amounts of Howe Sound water which would be returned to the Sound – chlorinated and hot – and super tankers navigating our narrow busy waterway.

Joyce Williams and Skwomesh Action

We marched in the pouring rain with 500 others who no longer want to see our beautiful inlet used as a garbage dump.  Air and water pollution from pulp mills and Britannia Mine led to Howe Sound being declared a Dead Zone in the 1980’s. Recent successful attempts to clean Howe Sound have led to a dramatic recovery. The herring have returned, and dolphins and whales. squamish march

We are determined to build on that recovery, to protect the Sound for kayakers, tourists, hikers, boaters, the whales, seals, dolphins and glass sponges. We were brought together by the words of Joyce Williams of the Squamish Nation. “God forbid our land should be totally devastated and the children ask: What did you do to stop it?’

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