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The choice of where to place my X on October 19th is perplexing. Are you like me? Worn out from the tedious debates about who will best manage a healthy economy and who will balance the budget? There is no talk of managing the health and vitality of the rivers, lakes, oceans, forests, and topsoil, which are the foundation of our economy – not to mention our lives. There is no talk of balancing human desires for stuff and the ability of Mother Earth to provide them.

I’m tired of the popularity contests, the promises of tax breaks and jobs and yet more hypothetical jobs. Our electoral system is broken. There must be a more rational, more wholesome way to judge the contenders. In desperation, I’ve created another yardstick. And that is to assess who is best with babies, because after all we’re doing this for the next generation, aren’t we? We’re creating a healthy Canada so the babies of today will have a good life, so they can breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat food grown in healthy soil, have access to quality education and engage in work that is satisfying and productive. Right? Listen carefully and you will notice that most candidates don’t even mention babies. I suppose because babies don’t have the vote. Yet.

So I’ve decided to cast my vote for the candidate who will put babies above everything else.

Trudeau's baby trick

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